Canter No 1 for Second Year Running

April 7, 2019

Canter remains NZ’s most popular light truck – selling more than any other brand and again being named LCV magazine’s Light Truck of the Year. With advanced safety features introduced to the 2019 model making it the safest truck in its segment, Fuso NZ managing director Kurtis Andrews is confident Canter will maintain its No.1 position for some time to come.

For single-unit owner-operators to giant multi-nationals, Canter represents a tried and trusted investment backed by class-leading technology, such as FUSO’s unique DUONIC 2.0 automated manual transmission – a key advantage that helped put Canter in pole position for a second consecutive LCV award.

“What makes it our Light Truck of the Year,” said LCV’s Dean Evans, “is the availability of an automated transmission, competitive price, wide range, and advantages over direct rivals and utes.”

The DUONIC 2.0 transmission is an industry-leading, dual wet clutch system, which significantly lowers running costs and simplifies driving. Reliable, highly efficient and low maintenance, it virtually eliminates gear shift shock for smoother, car-like driving and comfort.

“The automated manual opens up another new market, in a world where manual transmissions – and people who can drive them – are on a gradual descent,” said Evans.

Another advantage that sets Canter apart from the crowd is the tipper range’s limited slip differential.

“The factory-built tippers […] keep pushing Canter not just to the top of the sales tree, but make it one of the best on the market – two factors which aren’t always mutually inclusive,” said Evans.

“Add in Canter comfort features like remote central locking, Bluetooth, AC and storage bins, pockets and cubby holes dotted throughout the cab, along with a lockable glovebox, and the success of Canter just makes sense.”

Fuso NZ managing director Kurtis Andrews said winning the award for a second year running was a very satisfying moment for the whole team and that Canter will continue to go from strength to strength.